A Sudden Rush

from by JeV



Empty bottles of vodka under my bed
(We got a situation / yep)
But it's not what you think
(Nan, nan, nan, t'inquiète)
The sun, the light, are now forbidden
Exactly what you think
More of an introspection
An investigation on the causes that make me wanna burn burn burn
And listen to the saddest songs ever written
(Team Spotify)
My friend? They know I'm OK
At least they think I'm OK
Cause I'm easy to distract but
(Yeah, so what?)
When unoccupied I realise that...

I try to communicate and yet I can barely speak
I do my best to integrate
You're so cold, I look desperate
I'm paid to communicate and yet I refuse to speak
When the audience's full of shit

I can't do this anymore

Under every here and now
Lies a painful later
A sudden rush, again a sudden rush
From your look to your words
Cross-targetting my weakness, my believing you're the one
Trying not to hope that you are not the one
(Oh I see)
Don't you think I try to change you girl
I wanna do ourselves a favour
Fighting for you as much as you need to fight for me too
I fear of losing you as much as I fear being with you
But if the good are never easy and the easy never good
Then the hardest must be the best

I can't do this anymore
(Do you hear what I say?)
I can't do this anymore
(Do you really care?)


from The Invisible Player, released September 16, 2016
Written by JeV & Axel Erevan
Recorded by JeV



all rights reserved


JeV Paris, France

When I was a kid, I used to play football alone in my room. I was pretending I was a great player, scoring goals all over Europe, from Wembley to Camp Nou. I was faking the pass, the goal itself and the celebration, all by myself, of course.

Later, I grew a new passion. Music.

I guess that, now, internet is my room and I'll be faking again.

But, hey. The music is real.
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