The Invisible Player

by JeV

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The Invisible Player (2016) is my second album after Yours (2013) and the Sad Stories EP (2016). It's about feelings, football and cats.


released September 16, 2016

Written, recorded and produced by JeV.
Additional writing & recording by Axel Erevan.



all rights reserved


JeV Paris, France

When I was a kid, I used to play football alone in my room. I was pretending I was a great player, scoring goals all over Europe, from Wembley to Camp Nou. I was faking the pass, the goal itself and the celebration, all by myself, of course.

Later, I grew a new passion. Music.

I guess that, now, internet is my room and I'll be faking again.

But, hey. The music is real.
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Track Name: Dreamless Nights
My head is full of thoughts, of private conversations
Interrogating ghosts, fighting my frustrations
With the one who cares about the ball
With the one whom I’ve been sharing home
With the one who fed me in the womb

Over-thinking, overwriting pages and pages no one’ll never hear
My own movie no one’ll ever read

If you feel any resistance, then you need to get some distance
If your character is bleeding, then it’s time to stop the acting
If you feel any resistance, then you need to get some distance
If your character is slowly dying, then stop the acting

I fear more and more the dreamless nights
Dreams, dreams, what have I done to you?
Focusing on the past is no longer an option
Comes the time when you’ve got more behind than ahead
And my hands I only carry ashes
Cause everything we touch eventually turns into ashes

I’m selling all my gold, all my nights
Making plans for the past
I’m selling my soul to the dreamless nights
Track Name: Hurricane
I don't understand all the things they expect from me
My boss, my mother, my cat, my girl, my best friend
We judge, approve and mostly disapprove
With everyone who's not one of us

The world we live in, obsessed with controlling
Feeding on scandal, jealousy and betrayal
We're going digital, choosing connection
Trying to hide imperfection

Now I can't see / Why don't you see me?
Can't you hear? / I'm on your feed
I'm standing on my feet
I see your feed
I'm falling on my knees

Cause I can't stand being the invisible player
I'm more than just a number
I'm more than you'll remember

My inevitable expectations
Towards ruthless organisations
Are generating permanent frustrations

I can't play unless everyone is aware that I play
Misunderstanding me, it's killing me
And ruining my efforts of contributing

Cause I can't stand being the invisible player
I'm more than just a number
I'm more than you'll remember
You only notice balance when it's gone
I'm gone to my wonderworld
I'll say my words behind the curtain
I feel them like a hurricane
Track Name: A Sudden Rush
Empty bottles of vodka under my bed
(We got a situation / yep)
But it's not what you think
(Nan, nan, nan, t'inquiète)
The sun, the light, are now forbidden
Exactly what you think
More of an introspection
An investigation on the causes that make me wanna burn burn burn
And listen to the saddest songs ever written
(Team Spotify)
My friend? They know I'm OK
At least they think I'm OK
Cause I'm easy to distract but
(Yeah, so what?)
When unoccupied I realise that...

I try to communicate and yet I can barely speak
I do my best to integrate
You're so cold, I look desperate
I'm paid to communicate and yet I refuse to speak
When the audience's full of shit

I can't do this anymore

Under every here and now
Lies a painful later
A sudden rush, again a sudden rush
From your look to your words
Cross-targetting my weakness, my believing you're the one
Trying not to hope that you are not the one
(Oh I see)
Don't you think I try to change you girl
I wanna do ourselves a favour
Fighting for you as much as you need to fight for me too
I fear of losing you as much as I fear being with you
But if the good are never easy and the easy never good
Then the hardest must be the best

I can't do this anymore
(Do you hear what I say?)
I can't do this anymore
(Do you really care?)
Track Name: The Prestige
Every magic trick begins with the pledge
A balanced scenery or a bird in a cage
Out of nowhere we perform
To our home we're bringing storms
An inevitable turn
No return to where we were before

There'll be no Prestige to this trick cause no one's in control
No cheering audience to witness the extinction of it all

Our resources are the blankets we selfishly pull to ourselves
And we drifting on a sail-less ship
And we're tearing it apart
And we're so obsessed by death, the only present, the only legacy to our children

What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of the Prestige?
Track Name: Desire
I've been patient this time, for the first time
But your door seems to be so further away every day
Not for the first time
The loving comedy is not a game you want to play
Away, the secret, the key to unlock the dimension where there is a you and a me
Away, the trigger, I want her to finally show me the place

Where desire lies

I don't have a girlfriend but I dance with my eyes closed
Let the music take my hand 'cause you're taking me nowhere
Track Name: Poster in the Sun
The weight of your judgement depends on what I mean to you
The harder the decision, the more you care, that's true

Silent words flying across the room
Not even close to what we think we now
The truth remains unspoken
How easy was this decision to make?
Tell me please before it's too late
Tell me please before we disappear

As quickly as the wave wiping out the names in the stand
Or as slow as the colours of a poster in the sun

As much as I enjoy unnecessary pain
I wonder what's the point of this stupid little game
I wanna know the moral of the story
What did I miss or didn't understand?
Tell me please before it's too late
Tell me please before we disappear

As quickly as the wave wiping out the names in the stand
Or as slow as the colours of a poster in the sun

Talk to me, tell me what you feel, let these words out of your mind
And hear me so loud on your skin and play it on repeat
We would only meet at this intersection
Track Name: The Quest
You spend your nights in the city, chasing the lights
Until you crash down on another brand new bed
Hoping this time you'll be fine
But the night has no mercy for the spirited knights hurrying to find home

But it's another mistake, you swear it's the last one that you make
Next step forward, now's the time to complete your quest

Disappointment doesn't depend on your amount of expectation
The readier you are on your going to war
There will always be frustration

Do you think I'm ready?

I don't really think I am
All the time, I think already about next time
The closer you are to a someone, to closer the boundaries of freedom
How long before I change my mind?
Will I ever change my mind?
Track Name: The Teacher
Since when is trigonometry so popular in the house of cards we live?
Darling, walk with me
In bed, in my head, enough a guarantee
The cards are apart
Maths teacher, he shot himself in the dark
Three locked doors and one last drag
The roof is about to collapse

I'll never love again

The tears of trigonometry
No rules apply no more to any shape
At night, I run behind myself
And I feel like I am the ghost of someone else
Wrong causes, good consequences
Misleading me into the void of enduring twice what you played once
What you both played once
Track Name: TLADOFATSIB (outro)
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
It is the heaviest weight, the weight of two feathers

I feel the weight of your love in those places we once were
And the void we create and the stars behind haze, only they remember

The life and death of feelings and the silence in between